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Print and Envelope Enclosing
Pixartprinting allows you to prepare all your communication materials quickly and easily. We'll print your invitation cards, put t...
Print and Envelope Enclosing
Pixartprinting allows you to prepare all your communication materials quickly and easily. We'll print your invitation cards, put them in envelopes and ship them to you, ready to be sent off.
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  • If the file does not comply with the requirements you will be asked to upload it again.
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Your files are checked automatically and free of charge to:

Check the artwork's dimensions
- Detect any non-embedded fonts
- Check fonts and convert them into vector paths
- Convert artwork with Pantone or RGB colours into the most suitable profile for printing
- Check the number of pages ordered matches the number in the artwork

If you choose to have your file checked by a graphic designer (€ 5.00) they will:

Check the resolution is not below 70 dpi
- Check there are no white overprints and correct them
- Check the distance of  the graphic design from the safe area
- Check the graphic design is within the safe area
- Check the orientation of the back and front
- Check PDF files for magazines and catalogues: spine dimension and cover file
- Check the graphic layout is correct if folds are required

Our Freereprint service protects you in case you or your client make any mistakes when creating the document. It enables you to get a reprint quickly and at no additional cost.

- You can send a corrected file for reprint with the same characteristics as the work you already received.
- Select Freereprint when ordering. The insurance is valid for a single reprint of the same print job.
- You can activate the reprinting of the insured goods directly from the My Account section. You have until 18:00 on the third working day after receipt of the goods to request it.
- On the day following your order we will send a courier to collect the defective goods. 
- On receipt of the new file the job will be reprinted within 72 hours.

Want to play it safe?

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€ 5.00
Our in-house designers will ensure your file is set up and laid out correctly to ensure you get the best result.
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Customised postcard printing and enclosing service: leave it to us

Do you waste too much time printing your communication materials and envelope stuffing? Does printing postcards leave you insufficient time for your other work? Then let Pixartprinting's printing and enclosing service take care of the messages you want to send.

You design your postcards, and we'll print them and put them in envelopes. Printing postcards or invitation cards online is easy: we give you a template to download when you order.

Pixartprinting will handle the entire printing process, from the postcards to the envelopes to send them out in. Once printed, we'll also take care of the insertion, and they'll arrive conveniently on your desk, ready to take to the postbox.

When ordering, simply choose to which address you would like them delivered: remember that the envelopes will arrive sealed, so you will not be able to open them to add anything to them.

We enclose, you send

The direct mailing service comprises:

  • 10 x 21 cm postcards on 300 gsm matt coated paper, printed on both sides
  • 11.4 x 22.9 cm postage envelopes without a window, printed on the front only
  • The entire batch of envelopes, already containing your postcards, delivered direct to your address

The direct mailing service therefore avoids all operational issues connected to enclosing and saves you time, which you can instead dedicate to your business.

Pixartprinting will take care of all the steps: handling the postcards, printing the postage envelopes and the repetitive job of inserting them, allowing you to get on with other things. All you have to do is post them.

Our service provides you with your communication materials ready for shipping, at competitive and reasonable prices.

When should I use it?

The customised postcard and envelope printing service for mailouts is useful on the numerous occasions brands want to communicate with their customers. The opening of a shop, an invitation to a particular event or just an important message that you have to send to all houses in the area: whatever your project, you can count on Pixartprinting's support.

We'll take care of every step, from printing your postcards through to organising the envelopes. All you have to do is upload the file containing your artwork and, once you have received your order, send off your communications. Printing and enclosing has never been so easy.

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When all the customers and invited guests you reached through our customised postcard printing service have arrived at your event, you can welcome them with numerous other products that will promote your brand and your message perfectly.

Our folded flyers or magazines with stapled binding, for example, make it easy to demonstrate the full potential of your service or product. Welcome your guests by decorating your spaces with our freestanding and wall-mounted tension fabric frames, which provide another way to demonstrate the strength of your business.

And finally, don't let them leave without one of your business cards, to make sure they remember you. Discover our numerous models, designed to reflect your individual personality and meet your individual needs.

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