Fabric Pop-up Counter

Customise your pop-up counters with personalised velcro-fixed prints. The counters are light and sturdy with an aluminium frame, and easy to set up.

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Portable Exhibition counters

Promotional counters are specially designed for indoor use to act as a friendly welcoming point to your clients and visitors as well as to help promote the visibility of your product. These small but highly effective promotional stands are a great way to get noticed and stand out from your competitors.

Promotional Stands Set up

Pixartprinting Promotional stands are made of the light but sturdy aluminum frame which is easily set up and light to carry in the complementary wheeled transport bag. On the top of the Promotional counter there is a deluxe wooden counter top is mounted, together with the additional under-counter to help you have more space as well as to have a clear and neat appearance at all times.

Promotional counter printed graphics

Personalised graphic print is fixed onto the Exhibition counter frame and may remain there for all the future uses. At the same time, prints are easily changeable and with spare or different additional prints depending on your intended use. Images are printed on 215g/m2 PVC elastic fabric and are exceptionally clear with vivid colours and long lasting.

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Promotional stands are great stating point and to complete which could further be accompanied with custom printed Brochures and Flyers. Printing everything in one place is great way to easily prepare for laborious fair preparations.