Sideline Banner

Modular aluminium support structure for two banners with customisable graphics, with elastic hooks suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for trade fairs and other events.

Print area: 284 x 109 cm Dimensions: 300 x 125 x 76 cm Dimensions of packaging:155 x 22 x 16cm Weight: 11.59kg

Promote your brand everywhere

The sideline banner allows you to display your brand in any context and environment.

Its modular aluminium frame can be placed in any indoor or outdoor space, without the need for any other support. You can therefore place it wherever suits you best, using the elastic hooks and pegs provided. The overall dimensions are 30 x 125 x 76 cm, reduced to 155 x 22 x 16 cm when packaged, and the overall weight is 11.59 kg.

Long-lasting for the best possible results

The frame can house two banners with customisable graphics. The material used for these banners (500 gsm Extreme Classic PVC) has been designed to last up to three years without any protection. It has a maximum printable width of 300 cm, and larger sizes can be obtained through heat welding with a 2 cm overlap. The print area measures 284 x 109 cm. If you already own the supporting frame, you can simply order new printed banners to insert into it.

When should I use them?

These versatile and durable sideline banners are particularly suited to trade fairs and events like sporting fixtures or concerts. However, they can also be used in any other environment, both indoors and outdoors.

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