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Face mask for men: protect yourself and others

Get ready for increased activities around other people as lockdowns lift across the world by ordering your face masks online with Pixartprinting. Whether you want to add a layer of protection when commuting, working or shopping, we have the ideal mask for men for you, including sports masks. The masks are machine washable so can be reused several times and are designed with comfort in mind. They can also be customised with your chosen colour or pattern, or even your own artwork in some cases.

Choosing your face mask for men

Pixartprinting offers two types of men’s face masks:

  • Trumask™: this mask contains three layers to provide 90% filtration efficiency. Each mask for men contains a filter and a layer of hypoallergenic 100% cotton that sits against the skin, providing breathability and comfort even when worn for a long period of time. The mask is easy to put on with adjustable ear loops and a flexible bridge for a snug fit to the face. Choose from a range of colours and patterns.
  • Fabric Mask: this face mask for men consists of one layer of 100% polyester, another comfortable fabric suitable for prolonged contact with the skin. This product can be customised by selecting one of the pre-defined graphic designs or you can upload your own artwork to add your logo or slogan to the mask and get yourself or your company noticed.

Ordering sports masks online

Pixartprinting makes ordering a mask for men quick and easy. When you have decided which type of mask suits your activities, simply work your way through the order form, customising your product. A price will be generated as you select each option and an estimated delivery date will be provided so you know when to expect your delivery. Pixartprinting is pleased to offer a fast and reliable shipping service.

If you have any questions before, during or after making your purchase of sports masks for men, please contact our Customer Support team.

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Pixartprinting offers a range of face masks for men, women and children. Explore the COVID-19 Emergency section of the website for other ideas on how to protect yourself and others at this time.

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