Paper placemats

Customisable A3 placemats. Printable on the front only.

  • Three materials to choose from
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Personalised Placemats - Pixartprinting

Custom printed paper placemats

Pixartprinting has spent a number of years providing customisable stationery to over 600,000 customers per month. Now, we have chosen to expand our offerings to include merchandise for those that work in the gastronomy sector or want to further personalise their own home.

Personalised placemats are our newest gastronomy product which can be used in restaurants, cafes, or even your own home to create a truly personal dining experience. Whether you require your personalised table mats or photo placemats to blend in with your chosen décor or include information concerning your business Pixartprinting can deliver exceptional results.

Placemats UK

A number of successful, well-known restaurant chains throughout the UK already benefit from personalised placemats which promote brand awareness and contain information concerning their dishes. Pixartprinting provides A3 personalised placements which enable branding to be seen even with cutlery and dishes placed on top, ensuring your message will be received at all times.

If you require inspiration for your personalised placemat project, Pixartprinting provides a gallery containing a range of placemat designs. Using the gallery you can see how each placemat can be customised to include promotional details and encompass the style of your eatery.

Purchasing Personalised Placemats

Ordering custom placemats only requires a few selections via the Pixartprinting online ordering form meaning that you can complete the process in a short period of time. Choose from either Magno neutral or Munken print cream paper for your placemats, each of which have been certified for food use.

Pixartprinting also uses offset technology and inks fit for food use, however please note that these mats are not suitable for wrapping food. Once you have completed your graphic file you can choose the quantity of personalised placemats required for your business from 500 to 50,000, guaranteeing you will always have an adequate amount of stock available.

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