Premium Postal Boxes

These postal boxes are designed to wow: the double flap ensures a striking unboxing experience and provides double the space for your brand and message.

  • Three different sizes
  • White or brown corrugated cardboard

Custom Postal Boxes with a lid

Our Postal Boxes with a lid are made from white or kraft corrugated cardboard and can be customised with your own original graphics. They have a lid with a classic interlocking fastening, and an internal panel on which you can print your message or image. You can print all over the outside of the box. We use the latest technology to ensure the highest quality printing featuring bright colours and well-defined details. You can use the Postal boxes with a lid to send your products to your customers securely and stylishly. Your packages will be instantly recognisable and the contents will be protected from impact during delivery.

It is quick and easy to customise your new Postal Boxes. Configure the product on this page and download the useful Template and Instructions from our Graphic Designers. They will help you to set up your print file correctly to get the best possible results: attractive and instantly recognisable Postal Boxes with a lid.

Postal Boxes with a lid – Sizes

The Postal Boxes with a lid are available in various pre-defined sizes. Choose the right one for you from the following:

  • 15 x 12 x 5 cm
  • 20 x 14 x 8 cm
  • 23 x 23 x 8 cm

You will receive your new boxes flat and you can assemble them in just a few seconds thanks to the practical interlocking fastening. This helps you to save precious space in your shop.

Order your Postal Boxes in just a few clicks!

Selecting your preferred configuration options on this page will give you access to the convenient free online quote. This is calculated automatically as you personalise your Postal Boxes, and it allows you to see the final price of the product in real time. When you have placed your order and uploaded your print file, your new Postal Boxes will be sent directly to your shop (or house) through our fast and punctual shipping service. Remember, if you have any questions or specific requests, you can contact our Customer Support services. One of our advisors will always be on hand to help at any stage of the purchasing process.

Our tips for printing Postal Boxes with a lid

The “Premium” Postal Boxes have a lid with a classic interlocking fastening and a cardboard panel inside. You can use the surface of the panel to print a personalised message or image, which is bound to be noticed by your customers during unboxing. For example, you can use this space to thank or welcome them. Unleash your creativity and find original ideas to surprise your customers! This will make their buying experience memorable and they can share it with friends and family. What better publicity for your e-commerce business?

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