Cardboard Gift Bags

The ideal gift packaging for holding small accessories, party favours or free gifts. These bags are easy to assemble, and can be fastened and customised with coloured ribbons using the small holes at the top.

  • Ten sizes
  • Optional customised hole

Custom gift bags

Our Gift Bags are the ideal way to create unique, personalised packaging for your events. They are also suitable for simple but original packaging for small products. Made from lightweight but resistant cardboard, they are printed in high definition.

Our Gift Bags can be customised. You can print your graphics on the surface, such as your logo, an image or some text. Create unique packaging to distribute your free gifts or sell your products!

Customising your Cardboard Gift Bags

It is easy to print your new custom gift bags with Pixartprinting on this page; it only takes a few clicks!

  1. Select your preferred customisation options to create your personalised Gift Bags.
  2. Download the useful Template with instructions from our graphic designers. They will help you to set your print file up correctly.
  3. Submit your order and upload your artwork.

Your new Gift Bags will be sent directly to your home or office through our fast and punctual shipping service. Our Customer Support services will be available to help you at any stage of the buying process if you have any questions or specific requests.

Gift bags for your events

Are you organising a special event and looking for original packaging for your free gifts? You can print Gift Bags aligned with the branding you've chosen for the occasion. Amaze your guests with a gift that tells your story!

Our Gift Bags are perfect for unique packaging to hand out at events, to package hand-made products and even beautiful favours. Take a look!

Gift bags for your product packaging

You can use the Gift Bags to package your hand-made products. They are suitable for small items like honey or marmalade jars, cosmetic products (creams, perfumes, etc.) and small gadgets.

Please remember that the Gift Bags are not suitable for direct contact with food.

Gift bags and other ideas for you

At Pixartprinting, you can find all kinds of custom packaging ideas. Not only various Made-to-Measure Boxes but also Paper Bags in all shapes and sizes, Labels and Stickers. Find the right product for you and print your personalised packaging quickly and easily!