Cards with Special Finishes

3D varnish and gold or silver foil: three special finishes to highlight details on your card, making it even more exclusive.

Plastic card printing

Special finish plastic card printing

Get your brand noticed with Pixartprinting’s cards with special finishes. Adding a 3D varnish, or gold or silver foil to certain parts of the print will really draw attention to whichever details you want to highlight. They also help to convey a sense of exclusivity to elevate your branding.

Gold plastic cards are ideal for passes, loyalty cards, gift cards or even sophisticated business cards – make your text or graphics shine with silver plastic cards or stand out on 3D plastic cards. They are available in a range of background colours and two formats.

Customised plastic card printing

Not only can you add your own graphics to our plastic cards, you can also customise your gold or silver plastic cards in other ways. There are two types of PVC to choose from: white (0.5 mm or 0.76 mm) or transparent PVC; and two formats: 8.5 x 5.4 cm (landscape) or 5.4 x 8.5 cm (portrait).

Metallic effect plastic card printing

If you prefer to keep things simple, you can choose not to have a background colour on your 3D plastic cards, but if you want to add a sparkly effect to make your cards even more visible, you can opt for a gold glitter, silver glitter or pearly white background on the front only, back only or on both sides of your PVC cards. When it comes to the print itself, you can print on the front only, have the same print on both sides or a different print on the front and back – for the utmost flexibility!

Plastic card printing with special finishes

To really emphasise certain details on your silver or gold plastic cards, you can add one of three special finishes to them:

  • 3D varnish: an extra-thick varnish that creates an embossed effect for 3D plastic cards.
  • Gold foil: a gold coating that is applied using hot stamping to produce striking gold plastic cards.
  • Silver foil: a silver coating applied using the same method, creating eye-catching silver plastic cards.

The special finishes can be applied to both sides or just one side.

Plastic card printing and more by Pixartprinting

If you are looking for other types of plastic cards, for example with a magnetic stripe or scratch-off panel, you can find a large range of options. Plus, why not complement your new silver plastic cards with customised Shopping Bags? We have a variety of materials and styles to choose from.