Magnetic Stripe Cards

Ideal for access cards or ID badges. Available in various thicknesses and background colours, with or without a hole.

Swipe cards with a magnetic stripe

Unique, custom swipe cards from Pixartprinting

This is a product that needs no introduction: swipe cards are used in the professional and business sectors, and they have become an essential part of many daily activities. Magnetic cards and badges are ideal for automated payment processes (such as payments with prepaid cards) or for identification processes (such as for access to offices or hotel rooms), as well as work environments that require the attendance and activities of staff to be monitored.

Choosing custom swipe card printing from Pixartprinting will give you high-quality swipe cards with a vast range of personalisation options, ranging from colour, finish, location of the magnetic stripe and optional signature strip.

Swipe cards - Formats

Our custom swipe cards come in a classic 8.5 x 5.4 cm format. You have the option to add a hole if you are likely to be attaching a lanyard to them for wear around the neck. You can choose a round or long hole, depending on the thickness of your lanyards, and there are also three possible positions for the hole: at the top, on the right or on the left.

Swipe cards - Material

When it comes to choosing a material for your custom swipe cards, you have three options: White 0.76 mm PVC, Transparent 0.76 mm PVC and the thinner White 0.5 mm PVC. All three options are durable and allow for background colours and special finishes to be applied for added effect.

Swipe card printing and colour

You can keep the background of your swipe cards simple so that the graphics take centre stage or make them pop by adding a sparkly background colour such as gold glitter, silver glitter or pearly white. The background colour can be applied to the front, back or both sides of your custom swipe cards, as can your artwork. If you do opt for a background colour, you can also add selective white printing to make certain details stand out against the coloured backdrop.

Swipe cards - Magnetic stripe and signature strip

There are three types of magnetic stripe available:

  • Lo Co: Low-coercivity magnetic stripe (300 oersted)
  • Hi Co 4000: High-coercivity magnetic stripe (4000 oersted)
  • Hi Co 2750: High-coercivity magnetic stripe (2750 oersted)

The lower the oersted value, the more likely the stripe is to become demagnetised, however this has no effect on the amount of data that can be stored. The magnetic stripe can be added to the top or bottom of the swipe cards, while an optional signature strip can be applied measuring 6 x 10 cm, but this cannot be customised.

Special finishes for swipe cards

Special finishes can be applied to the front and back of your custom swipe cards. They can really bring out certain details of your print that you want to highlight. Choose the 3D varnish for an embossed effect or opt for the gold or silver foil for an eye-catching metallic look.

Ordering and purchasing swipe cards

With so many ways to customise your swipe card printing project, you might think that it would be complicated to place an order, but Pixartprinting aims to make the process as smooth as possible. The quote form is broken down into clear steps to help you configure your custom swipe cards and see the price update instantly.

Our friendly Customer Support team is available to help if you have any questions.

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