5 70 x 100 cm Posters

Are you a new customer with a VAT number? We're offering you 5 colour 70 x 100 cm posters on 120 gsm Bluback paper. Send your file and discover the quality offered by Pixartprinting for just €1!*

*Offer valid only for new customers with a VAT number, for payment with credit card or PayPal only. Delivery in 7 working days from the order date.

Cheap Poster printing 

Cheap Poster Printing - £1 for 5 Outdoor Posters

Don’t miss this great opportunity for cheap poster printing and a hands-on experience of the quality of Pixartprinting’s products.

Now, if you are a new Pixartprinting's customer and have a VAT number, you can use cheap poster printing Pixartprinting offer for 5 A3 size poster, printed on 115 g white Magistra or Blueback paper. Pixartprinting’s posters are crafted by using cutting edge printing technologies and select paper materials ensuring both exceptional quality and ability to withstand the elements and especially the sun.

Pixartprinting’s posters actually have a life span of more than two months if used outdoors and of over 5 years if used indoors.

Trying the quality of Pixartprinting’s 70x100 customised cheap poster printing couldn’t be any easier and it’s completely free of charge. Just load the file to be printed in the dedicated uploading section - Pixartprinting will take care of all the rest.??

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