Folding Screen

This folding screen is a self-standing panel made of honeycomb cardboard. Use it like a wall to temporarily divide up your spaces, to display your message in your shop windows, or as a quick and easy way to change the look of your shop, trade show stand or office.

  • Three different layouts

Folding Screen: Room Divider - Pixartprinting

Cardboard Folding Screen

Cardboard Folding Screen, is one of the newer products recently added to the Pixartprinting’s catalogue range. Pixartprinting Folding screen is a simple and versatile product, printable on one side only. It is designed to for the indoor use and depending on the size and the fold it may be used in shop windows, as room dividers or even as a stage background screen.

Cardboard Folding Screen is ideal for use in Retail Shopping centers or public facilities such as Airport, Educational and Health Institutions in addition to its traditional use in Trade Fairs.

Folding Screen Printing

Folding Screen is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard panels, available in a single fold, two fold or three fold, making it practical and easily adoptable to variety of situations. Minimum Folding Screen size is 50x50cm going up to the maximum of 155x300cm, making it even more versatile and easily fitted in the even most unlikely situations.

If, however you are looking to accompany your marketing campaign or project with flyers or brochures check out Pixartprinting’s Flyers selection.