Real Estate Boards

If you're renting out or selling a property, you can print your own estate agent boards on 3.5 mm Correx. Choose from a wide range of ready-made designs in various sizes. Because Correx is weather resistant, it can be displayed outdoors without the print being affected.

  • 3 different sizes
  • Eyelets available
  • Optional protective varnish
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Correx Board Printing for Real Estate

Estate Agent signs

Traditional wooden signage has long been replaced with lighter and more resilient Correx boards for outdoor advertising. These days, Estate Agent boards are generally printed on corrugated plastic sheets, more commonly known as Correx board or PVC board. So, why is Correx board printing gaining in popularity? Firstly, it is lightweight and affordable, so ideal for limited budgets and cost-effective printing projects. Additionally, despite its low cost, Correx is waterproof and will resist the elements so it is a wise choice for outdoor advertising and estate agent boards.

Custom Correx signs

Estate Agent signs, including a selection of For Sale signs, To Let signs and Sold signs are available in 2 templates, each with 3 different sizes: 70 x 50 cm, 100 x 70 cm and 140 x 100 cm in order to accommodate your specific needs. In each template there is a blank area allowing space to insert personal information, such as contact details, contact name and more. All custom printed Estate Agent boards have an option of inserting transparent polycarbonate eyelets and may even be varnished for a gloss finish and additional scratch-resistant protection. Not only is Correx board printing suitable for estate agent signs, it can also be used to advertise other items for sale, such as cars and motorbikes, etc.

Signage - Printing on Correx

Estate Agent boards have HD printing quality, all printed on 3.5 mm Correx boards which are highly resistant and durable. In addition, custom Correx signs are environmentally friendly as the material is fully recyclable.

Easy to print Correx boards

Have you been looking for a quick and simple way to print your Correx boards? If so, you will be delighted to see how easy our online order form is to complete. As you select each component of your order, the customisation options update in real time, as does the estimated delivery date and the price. This means that you can monitor the impact that your choices have on these aspects and amend accordingly if your budget or deadlines demand.

Alternatives to custom Correx signs

If light and versatile Correx signs are not exactly what you are looking for, perhaps you would benefit from a sturdier, more durable material. Check out our extensive selection of other materials in Rigid Media where all the printing is fully personalised, and determine whether Correx is the right choice for your brand’s signage.