Aluminium Banner Stand

A kit to create your own banner, with an upper and lower snap frame for quick and easy setup. Available in three different widths, it's quick to install on any type of wall.

  • Six different sizes
  • Three different materials

Let your walls do the talking

Our practical, quick to assemble and effective aluminium banner stands will help you show off your brand. Attach the locking mechanism at the top and bottom of the banner and hang the structure on any type of wall.

The aluminium snap frames are available in three different lengths: 42 cm, 60 cm and 85 cm. The banner itself is affordable and made of vinyl, and can last up to three years without protection in outdoor environments, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. You can print your banner in your chosen length, up to a maximum of 300 cm.

When should I use them?

The aluminium banner stands can be hung on any wall, both indoors and outdoors; they are extremely easy to install, making furnishing your spaces quick and straightforward. They let you make the most of the available space when organising events such as presentations, displays or exhibitions, and allow you to use every wall to promote your brand, increasing your visibility and the chance of you being noticed by potential new customers.

Products to complement the aluminium banner stands

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