Cardboard Bar Stool

A fully customisable cardboard bar stool. Designed for use with the Pop-Up Counter, it is ideal for trade fairs and other promotional events.

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The perfect combination

Perfect your presentations: honeycomb cardboard bar stools are the perfect accessories for furnishing indoor spaces. Their compact dimensions (35 x 30 x 72 cm) and the lightness of the material will make organising your furnishings simple.

When should I use them?

Bar stools are ideal for any form of promotional event: trade fairs, presentations or festivals. As well as seeing all the advertising materials you've placed on the pop-up counter, customers will be able to sit down and read your flyers in their own time, giving you a great opportunity to drum up new business. You can also use the bar stools to furnish premises like cafes in an original way.

Which products complement the cardboard bar stools?

The stools go perfectly with our pop-up counter, on which you can organise your leaflets with our dedicated counter displays.