Boxes for objects

Whatever item you're selling, we have the perfect packaging to not only protect it and give it a touch of glamour, but ship it to customers too. Discover our hanging, window, heavy-duty and pillow boxes, our pull out boxes and deluxe boxes, our many designs of flexible packaging and our vast range of mailing boxes.

The majority of our products are FSC® certified – explore them now!
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.
An infinite choice
The choice is yours: we have a huge number of options to contain, protect and promote your items. Discover the most suitable design, find the perfect size and choose from the countless materials on offer.
Your packaging is the best ambassador for your brand
The boxes holding your products are much more than just containers – they are your most important marketing tool. Use them to tell your story and describe your product, with extra content and details printed inside. Give your product a voice and grab customers' attention.
Our packaging is a sustainable choice
The cardboard we use for our boxes is FSC® certified, meaning we only use paper sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. Our card and paperboard are fully recyclable, and can be ordered in extremely small quantities to avoid unnecessary waste, while flat pouches save space and optimise shipping costs.

Custom product boxes

Our product boxes are boxes in different shapes and sizes suitable for holding all kinds of items. Do you have a shop or run an e-commerce business? Our boxes are resistant and also suitable for shipping your products. With Pixartprinting, you can personalise your boxes, printing your graphics across the entire surface. This will make them unique and instantly recognisable. It is quick and easy to configure the product.

Does your business have a low volume of online sales? If so, you can order your new Product Boxes in as little as just a few units. Our printing service is also suitable for small businesses that do not need to make a big investment right now. This means that you can test the printing and the quality of our products, choosing the best one for your needs.

Why order customised product boxes?

When boxes containing items and products are shipped, they often travel a lot before reaching their destination. Using a recognisable branded box will allow you to promote your business and make the packaging instantly recognisable for the customer.

The box offers you extra space to advertise your brand and tell your product's story. This is extremely valuable, especially in the e-commerce world: think about the unboxing experience for the customer and their joy at finding themselves with an original box. Effective packaging contributes to a product's success and impacts the whole buying experience.

With Pixartprinting, you can fully customise your Product Boxes. We offer a number of configuration options to choose from: format, material and finishes. Your graphics will be printed on the surface of the box in high definition with bright colours using cutting-edge technology.

Customise your product boxes in just a few clicks

It is really easy to create your customised product boxes with Pixartprinting.

  1. Choose your favourite product and select the configuration options on that page.
  2. Download the Template and Instructions from our graphic designers, which will help you set up your print file correctly.
  3. Submit your order and upload your artwork.

Your new Product Boxes will be delivered to your home or shop through our reliable Shipping service. If you have any questions or specific requests, you can rely on our Customer Support services at any stage of your purchase.

Product boxes and other ideas for your items

Do you have a shop and often need to ship your products? Do you run an e-commerce business and are you looking for custom packaging for your items? At Pixartprinting, you can find a wide range of solutions for all your requirements: Labels and Stickers to decorate your boxes, Packaging Tape and Paper Bags for your customers' purchases.

We have also created a selection of Mailing Boxes and Envelopes, offering lots of ideas of ways to ship your products securely and in style.